Mar 6, 2014

First Camp: Adventure in the Porcupine Mountains (Part 1 of 4)

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An enthusiastic, overly outdoorsy boyfriend whose dream is to backpack/hike the Porcupine Mountains (real dream: to survive the wild with just a knife and ... maybe ... a loincloth) but has, over many years, failed to recruit any of his friends to partake in his wild adventure.

A girlfriend (barely five months of dating) apprehensive about being adventurous, especially in the wild, but ... also willing to make her boyfriend's life-long dream come true.

How will they fare as they venture forth with only their backpacks into this wilderness, otherwise known as the "Porkies" located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Ontonagon, Michigan? Watch as they hike for three days in the largest pristine, uncut hardwood forest in the Midwest.

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