The Outdoor Experiment (TOE) was created and run by outdoor enthusiast Isa C. Isa is a Wisconsin born artist who grew up in a strong hunting and outdoor enthusiast culture, he currently works as a multimedia designer in Milwaukee.

As an Outdoor enthusiast, avid hunter and survivalist aficionado who has spent years learning and experimenting in the outdoors he decided to put his multimedia design and video production talents to work on a project that he is passionate about. Since hunting, hiking and outdoor fun are what Isa C. spends most of his time doing while not at work. Creating a multimedia channel based on his years of experiences is a natural result.

The Outdoor Experiment is an outdoor media channel which provides education, innovations, adventure and entertainment to viewers around the world. By focusing on experiencing nature through the eyes of an individual the Outdoor Experiment continues the tradition of hunting, survival, bushcraft and outdoor adventure as a way of life and a means to experiencing nature first hand. We seek to find viewers that are genuinely interested in the outdoors and want to experience the outdoors, wildlife and adventure with us.

Isa C believes that learning, practicing in and understanding nature is a means of human spirituality, the best method of survival and a means to living a fulfilling life. Together with the use of modern equipment and traditional skill sets the Outdoor Experiment takes the ideas and traditions of outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists and hunters along with every adventure.
Keep yourself alive!