Mar 6, 2014

Big Carp River Trail: Adventure in the Porcupine Mountains (Part 3 of 4)

One of the challenges of hiking was making sure we had a steady supply of clean, fresh water so that we stayed hydrated and could keep going. We brought four stainless steel water bottles, two for each of us, on the trip. To keep our backpacks light, we replenished out empty water bottles from clear streams and lakes. We made sure to get water from streams and lakes that looked clear and clean and the water was constantly moving. Then, we sanitized the water using a Steripen, which we brought along for that purpose. Honestly, we weren't sure whether or not there were any chemicals or waste in the rivers or lakes. But we didn't get sick from the water and, for the most part, the water tasted okay. It wasn't spectacular and we could taste some iron and ... well, let's just say river water has a unique taste. Although, Lake Superior water tasted quite good.

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