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Mar 1, 2014

Save The Milwaukee Rivers

By Isa C.

Garbage can yuck sticker!
Garbage Can Yuck!
The good news is many people have been putting a lot of time and effort into bringing the Great Lakes back to a tolerable level of natural ecological growth. The bad news is that it the battle is long from over. For more information related to the health and growth as well as the pollution of the Great Lakes, please visit http://waterwiki.net/index.php/Welcome.

Why Us?

We believe it is the responsibility of every human being to keep their environment clean, safe and functioning for future generations to come. Whether you believe the planet is six thousand or 4.5 billion years old, it doesn't matter to us. We are here to try to contribute to our environment in the most positive way we can. We hope that is a goal that many people share and are willing to participate in even if it means simply passing the word along. Anyone and we hope everyone can help! Millions of people take it for granted that the earth has been able to "self repair" itself since the history of man. Although many may consider the effects of environmental issues such as global warming, air and water pollution to be "out of our control" or unimportant, we do not share that common attitude towards our earth. We firmly believe that there are a lot of ways in which literally everyone on the planet can help to set goals, contribute and maintain our natural environment as best as possible.