Sep 1, 2014

Deer Spotting: Pre-season Scouting for White-tailed Deer (Part 1 of 3)

Every year, before the bow hunting season even starts, we go deer spotting. Deer spotting is an essential step in macro-scouting for white-tailed deer.  It allows you to find the deer before the season begins and to pick a good hunting spot for opening day. It will also greatly increase your chances of getting a deer early in the hunting season.

In this video we take you along as we scout out this year's hunting spots three weeks before the Wisconsin bow hunting season begins. The best time of day to go scouting is in the evening, roughly an hour or so before sunset. The deer will be hungry and eager to head to nearby farm fields to browse for food.

Deer spotting is just one of many things (more videos to come) we do to prepare for the bow hunting season every year. How do you prepare for opening day?


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