Jan 14, 2014

Winter Hiking: Wisconsin

By P. 

I'm sooo bored.
Winters in Wisconsin can be pretty cold but we still love to go winter hiking, especially our Mu. Mumu (or Mu for short) is our two-year-old multi-breed (Australian cattle dog, border collie and husky mix) puppy. Mu is very energetic and loves to be active. In the summer, we enjoy biking and running with her. But, by far, her favorite activity is hiking off-leash with us. During the winter, even long walks around the neighborhood can be difficult because of the weather. So, our poor puppy usually only gets two 15-20 minute walks a day.

Look at that big smile. She's so happy.
But when we can, we love to take her winter hiking. This is a great family adventure. Not only does it make our Mu very happy (and very tired) but it also forces us to be more active in the winter.

Going uphill is quite the workout!
Needless to say, with a nature/deer hunter enthusiast Papa, we learn a lot on our hikes and we usually find an interesting thing or two as well. On this hike, we came upon some deer beds nestled within a huddle of pine trees. Towards the end of our hike, we discovered deer rubs on some of the young trees in the woods. 
Deer Hoof Print

Deer Rub
Deer Bed
Even after an hour long hike, our Mu is still going. When  she was younger, we usually had to trick her to come to us so we could put her leash back on in order to get her in the car. She gets into the car on her own now but she's always reluctant to go home. There's just so much sniffing and digging to do in the snow!


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